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File 00027.6: It’s dusty around here

Posted: 28th December 2015 by Maestro in Files, Personal, The Site

*coughs* Ugh…it’s dusty around here…as if someone didn’t use this for almost a year. *blows away the dust*

File 00016.6: The Hunt

Posted: 4th December 2010 by Maestro in Files, The Site

File 0005.0: And counting…

Posted: 9th October 2008 by Maestro in Files, Personal, The Site
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Hurray! 50 files already! And actually 51 posts. As the first one isn’t a file. I almost can’t believe I could make it when I started this site. Although I did have a blog before with more then 50 files…it sadly got deleted :(. Ah well, so thank you for all the people who read […]

File 0001.6: New design

Posted: 2nd May 2008 by Maestro in Files, The Site

Yeah so I was bored with the old design…figured something new could replace it, I like it, although the big ugly black space where a rotator with all kind of skylines used to be irritates me. Maybe I should put a header there…for now it’s good.

Soooo, last Sunday they broadcasted Spider-man 2 on television here, and I love that film. I love all the Spider-man films, even Spider-man 3 which I got for my birthday. So I watched it, after that I watched it again only now with voice commentary of the cast and the director, which was great fun.