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File 00030.6: 3 months later…

Posted: 1st December 2017 by Maestro in Files, Personal

I’ll be honest, I do not really want this blog to be about my weight or health stuff in general although I have been writing exclusively about that lately but I guess that’s a natural consequence coming from having this kind of surgery so for now this will be my last post about it so […]

File 00030.5: Afterwards…

Posted: 6th September 2017 by Maestro in Files, Personal

Well, what a coincidence, 30,5 is about the total weight in kg I lost since I started this whole process (when writing this post and not have stood on the scales since last Saturday) and about 5 since the surgery.

File 00030.4: 7 days!

Posted: 18th August 2017 by Maestro in Files, Personal

If I ever get rich I´m going to live in New Zealand. Why New Zealand? Because it’s the antipode of France where the HQ is based for Nutrition & Santé which makes Modifast. I want to be as far away from that as possible. But I digress.

Apparently, I really have difficulties keeping track of time. Between my first blog about this subject and my second, at least three weeks passed, not two. Which means the operation is even closer than I expected. *runs away screaming*

It wasn’t totally for nothing though, for the first time a diet had actually been successful…for a while. It gave me a new perspective on things. Oh, it’s probably not good writing if I just start a new blog as though it is a direct continuation of the other one. My apologies ;). Here is […]