Ah, movie cliches. I can talk for hours about them, I love to discuss them. I won’t now of course…that’s not what you are here for. But I could. Today is a bit of a darker story. Once again I’d like to point out that this is fiction and not autobiographical in any way, shape or form and it’s weird that I have to point it out…I wonder if Rowling or Tolkien ever have/had to deal with that.

Short story 18 – Three may keep a secret

Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead – Benjamin Franklin

“Don’t you hate it when movies or tv shows start with a vague quote that somehow relates to the story in a very intangible way? I do. Especially when it’s misused,” Mick said taking a sip from his coffee.

“Why do you care so much about that?” Ron said laughing looking at his best friend. “Do you believe this guy Amy?”

“Well, he has a point…I remember seeing lots of movies with so called famous quotes from Mark Twain for example and then it wasn’t even mentioned in the story itself, what a bunch of pretentious bullshit that is!” she exclaimed.

“You two have way too much time on your hands that you are worrying about that!” Ron said. “Meanwhile here in the real world we have this project to finish,”

“Yeah yeah…so what do we have so far?” Mick said waving the waitress over.

“The title, oh and lots of data that we need to filter out,” Ron said showing them the screen of his laptop.

“Hmmm, yes…it seems we still have some work today, we are going to need a lot more coffee!” Mick said. The waitress just came to their side.

“So, three more coffee then?” she asked.

“Let’s start with three,” Amy said. “But probably more later,”

The waitress nodded and walked away. Amy opened her laptop as well as did Mick.

“Okay, we’ll be sifting through the data, you start working on writing it all down,”

The next couple of hours they worked in silence, only sometimes commenting on interesting little bits of data and ordering more coffee or taking a short break. In the evening they decided that they should leave it for today and continue tomorrow. Which was good anyway as the café was closing.

They went outside and stepped into Mick’s car. Ron and Amy set in the back.

“Now, keep your hands of each other back there, I don’t want to get my car dirty!” Mick joked as he started to drive. He turned on some “Uptown Funk”. He heard some giggling on the back ground.

“Guys! Wait till your home!” he said. They were driving on a dark road now in the middle of nowhere. Ron and Amy were clearly in their own world when suddenly Mick felt a sharp pain on his shoulder and turned the wheel hearing a loud bang. He quickly slammed the break.

“Guys!” Mick yelled.

“Woah…what happened?!” Ron asked.

“I think I hit something! That’s what happened!” Mick said frustrated. More from the shock than anything else. He unbuckled his seatbelt and went outside. Ron and Amy followed him, still buttoning up their shirts. Mick walked to the front of his car and suddenly stood still.

“Oh no…” he said.

“What?” Amy asked standing next to him looking down. Her mouth fell open.

Ron also stood next to them now. “Oh god…”

In front of the car not moving was a young woman, the waitress of the café they were all day. Mick kneeled down and checked her pulse. He couldn’t feel anything.

“She’s…” He couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no,” Amy shouted, she started to jump around.

“Relax!” Ron shouted.

“Relax? Relax?! A woman just died and you tell us to relax?!” Mick yelled.

“Yes, relax, it was an accident, we couldn’t help it, she just showed up…” Ron started.

“As if they will fall for that…we are doomed…” Amy said, she started to cry.

“Well…maybe…” Ron said.

“Maybe?!” Mick said.

“Yeah…I mean…we are the only ones here…the car is alright, we can just leave and nobody would be the wiser, we are the only ones who would know.

“We can’t do that…that’s unethical…” Mick said not believing what he’s hearing.

“I think Ron’s right…” Amy said. “We all agree it was an accident and that we could not have done something about it…then why should we suffer for it?”

Mick shook his head. “I can’t believe you are saying this…you really want to leave her here and pretend it didn’t happen?” he asked looking at his friends.

“We have to, we are too young to have our lifes ruined…you wouldn’t want that right?” Ron said pleading. Mick slowly nodded.

“Okay…okay…let’s get out of here…” he said reluctantly. They got back into the car and quickly drove home without saying a word. He dropped his friends of at their house.

“And remember, only three of us know…we can keep a secret right?” Ron asked.

“Yeah yeah, got it…” Mick said. He drove away to his own home. He parked the car in the garage and checked the front for damages. It looked fine, nobody would ever know what happened on that road.

The next morning he woke up because his phone was ringing.

“Yo,” he said as he picked up.

“It’s Ron, you better check the news,” he said and hung up. On the news was the report of the woman being found on the road and a call of the police to help finding who did it. Immediately his stomach turned.

He suddenly realized something that hadn’t occurred to him last night. He was the driver so if someone would be blamed for this it would be him. Even though he lost control of the car because of Amy’s foot they still would blame him.

So, he was not protecting them, they were protecting him and for what price? He thought back at how quickly Ron and Amy had decided to leave the woman and pretend it didn’t happen. Would they do the same with him? Deciding to leave him rotting in jail or letting him die if it was convenient for them?

“No, no…don’t be ridiculous,” he said to himself. But the thought kept nagging at him and he realized there were only two solutions. One go to the police and get arrested and have his whole life ruined and two…

He didn’t want to think of solution two but he knew it had to be done. He called his friends to check if they were still going to meet up at the café as it would look weird if they suddenly didn’t. Ron agreed and asked if he could pick them up. Mick was going to suggest exactly the same. An hour later he picked them up and went to the café. They had to go a different route as the road was closed, probably because the police was still investigating. They arrived at the café to see it was closed because of private reasons. Mick felt his stomach getting heavy again. They went to another café not far from there and set down with their laptops. It was difficult to stay focused on working on the project, he noticed that Ron and Amy were also constantly exchanging glances and the normal fun time chatter was an absolute low.

They worked for straight 8 hours and got a surprisingly a lot of work then. When they stepped out of the café they laughed.

“Wow…almost done with the project, good work guys,” Ron said being his cheerful self again.

“Yeah, one more day and we should be finished,” Mick said also smiling.

“Good…because this whole project is really tiring me out,” Amy said. They stepped into the car. They both sat in the back again.

“Guys, be a little more careful today okay?” Mick joked.

“Yeah yeah…” Ron said impatiently. Mick started to drive, they went the same way home as the day before. The police had finished their investigation and the road was open again. Mick heard lots of giggling from the back seats again and rolled his eyes. He looked between his legs were he had put a heavy rock. With a bit of difficulty he put the rock on the gas pedal. It worked, the car was now going by itself without him having to press the gas.

“Say guys, if our life was a movie, what kind of beginning quote would you think it would have?” He asked.

Ron stuck his head between the seats.

“Dude…we are kinda busy here…ehm…how about: Shut up when people are busy,” Ron said annoyed and went back to whatever he was doing with Amy.

“Nice…very nice…” Mick said. There was a sharp turn he had to take in about a 100 meters otherwise the car would fall down about 50 meters. He used some plastic tubes he also had with them to fixate the wheel so it would go straight.

“I was thinking more in the line of the great Benjamin Franklin,” he said.

“What did he say?” Amy asked giggling not really paying attention.

“Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead”

Ron and Amy both sat up right. Mick opened the door and jumped out. The last words he heard were from Ron:

“You bastard!”

The car went straight through the barrier in the corner and down the hill. Mick didn’t even go to look. He turned around and walked the long way back home.

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