I really like the book title: John dies at the end

I haven’t read the book but I love the title. Today’s title might be a bit spoilerific but anyway:

Short story 19 – And he lived happily ever after

“Those movies gives as such a bad name,” Yuri said in a thick Romanian accent.

“Well, I’m sure the blood sucking doesn’t really help…” Christopher said.

“Well, I guess…but do you judge a lion because it eats gazelles?” Yuri answered. Christopher laughed.

“Not really the same thing Yuri, you eat humans…well their blood anyway, if you’d stick to cows or rats I’m sure people would be less upset,”

“Ugh…rats…are you fucking kidding me? I have standards you know,” Yuri said mock severely.

“Aha! So you have eaten rats!” Christopher said laughing again. He enjoyed these little chats with his new immortal friend.  They met each other just a week ago. Christopher was about to kill himself when Yuri stopped him. He guessed that Yuri felt some pity for him. He could have killed him then and there but somehow he didn’t. Christopher was happy he didn’t. Yuri had opened his eyes about a whole new world. A world where vampires existed and who knows what more.

“So, are you going to change me into a vampire?” he asked not for the first time.

“You know I can’t…there are rules…even us talking about this is breaking a few of them actually,” Yuri said sounded remorseful.

“But why? Can’t every vampire do this?” Chris asked.

“Technically yes but there is this thing called “The masquerade”, it’s like a holy rule book.

“I heard about…in some videogame called: Vampire: The Masquerade, I used to watch videos of a guy playing the game on youtube but he never finished it,”

“Yes, I know of the game…scarily accurate…I think someone from us had some influence…I wonder if our government had it investigated…either way…there are rules about who gets to be a vampire or not. If I make you a vampire they will surely kills us both,” Yuri said.

“It’s not fair, you save my life, show me this whole new world and then tell me I can’t be part of it,” Christopher said.

“I am truly sorry,” Yuri said. He checked his watch. “I need to go, same time tomorrow?”

“I’ll be here,” Christopher said. It was 4 am and he still had some time to sleep before he had to go to work. Yuri had already disappeared. Probably using some kind of vampire trick to turn invisible or run fast. Christopher felt insanely jealous.

He went home and slept for a couple of hours. It was day when he woke up. He drank a full pot of coffee and then went to his dead end job in a dead end factory and was feeling even more depressed then a week ago. He got home, eat a pizza and waited. Waited for night to fall so he could visit his friend, his only friend.

It was almost twelve o’clock. Christopher went outside and to their meeting spot. Yuri should show up soon. Normally he would have already eaten. Both for Christopher’s safety and also because it was much more fun to talk if he wasn’t hungry. Christopher waited for an hour but Yuri didn’t show up. That was weird, normally he would already be there. He had no way to contact Yuri, no phone number or facebook or whatsapp. Christopher started to panic.

“Calm down, Chris,” he said to himself breathing deeply. He was thinking back to all the conversations they had and he suddenly remembered that Yuri had mentioned a place where he would go often.

“A warehouse…on the other side of the city…at the docks” he said to himself…already regretting the thought of getting there but he had too, his friend might be in danger and that was his only lead. He went to the bus stop and saw he was in luck, even at this late hour there would be a bus soon. About fifteen minutes later he stepped into the empty bus.

“I want to go to the docks,” he said.

“At this hour? Why would you want to go there now?” the bus driver asked surprised.

“My…my…I work there and forgot my bag,” he made up…not sure why he was even bothering with lying, maybe just in case somebody asked.

“Suit yourself,” the driver said accepting the money. During the 45 minute trip the driver only had to stop a couple of times but as soon as he was reaching the docks the bus was empty.

“Here we are sonny,” he said opening the door. “Now, I know it’s none of my business but the last bus out of here is in 45 minutes so you better be back then…it’s dangerous out here at night,”

“I know…thank you,” Christopher said. He got out of the bus and put up his hood.

“A warehouse at the docks…well luckily there aren’t much of those,” he said sarcastically. He looked around not sure where to go and then decided to climb somewhere higher and see if he could see some light somewhere, although he was pretty sure that vampires could see in the dark. He climbed up the roof of a building and saw exactly one warehouse where a light was burning in the window.

“Well…it’s a long shot…” he said, climbing down and making his way towards the building. Not only was there light there was lots of activity inside as well. He could hear talking and also some noise which sounded like knocking. He made his way to a window and looked inside. What he saw there shocked him for life. Yuri was sitting shirtless in a chair, his hands were tied. There were cuts and bruises all over his body. Another man, a vampire, he assumed was standing in front of him. The window was open and he could hear him speak.

“You broke too many rules Yuri,” the leader said. “Hanging around with a human, telling him our secrets is just the latest in your long list of crimes,” he continued, marking the end of a sentence with a punch.

“Aaah, but I see that you trained the human well, he’s here now,” he said looking directly at Christopher. “Bring him!”

Christopher turned around to run but before he could move one of the other vampires who was just in the room was standing in front of him. Not much later he was also tied to a chair and sitting next to Yuri.

“Hi Yuri,” Christopher said.

“Hey,” Yuri said smiling a bit.

“I was wondering why you didn’t show up,”

“Ah well, you know…tied up in business as usual,” Yuri joked.

“Silence!” the leader said.

The leader looked at Christopher and then at Yuri.

“You are not afraid?” he asked.

“Of you? No…the only thing you can do to me is kill me and I was willing to do that myself last week,” Christopher said.

“Ooh, very brave…but I can make it very painful,” the leader said.

“Doesn’t matter if the end result is still the same,” Christopher said. The leader smacked him in his face.

“Silence human!”

His phone suddenly rang and he picked up.

“Yes?” he listened then waved his hand and he and his guards disappeared into a different room.

Yuri turned to him.

“Quick…we need to get out…I don’t have the strength to do it by myself…but I can give you the strength you need,”

“But that’s forbidden!” Christopher said.

“As if these guys care about the legality of things, they are just pissed of that I don’t want to deal with them, now bite me in my wrist,” he said.

“How do you suppose I do that…” he said shrugging to show him he was stuck.

“We fall over and scoot to each other,” Yuri sighed rocking his chair sideways till he fell. Christopher did the same.

“This better not be a a hidden cam show,” Christopher said. With difficulty he moved over to the wrists of Yuri.

“Okay…the idea is that you drink my blood, this will change you into a vampire, the process is pretty quickly luckily,”

Christopher sighed, this was not going to be pretty.

“Just get it over with,” Yuri said. Christopher bit and drank the blood of his friend. He immediately felt stronger and broke the rope around his wrists.

“Wow…this is amazing,”

“Yeah yeah, they’re all amazed till the killing and bloodsucking starts….get me out of here will you!” he said impatiently. Christopher smiled as he untied his friend.

“Good, now let’s get out…”

“They’re free!” Christopher heard the leader shout.

“You need to fight them!” Yuri said breaking of a leg of the chair. “Take this, stab them in the heart quickly before they expect it,”

Christopher nodded. He moved to the two body guards quickly and disposed of them with a super quick stab to the heart. He then turned around to the leader who had Yuri in a grip.

“Let him go!” Christopher shouted. Yuri shook his head.

“Get out of here Chris! Live!” he shouted. Suddenly a dark red mark appeared on the chest of Yuri as he fell dead on the ground with another wooden chair leg sticking out of his back.

“You!” Christopher said moving towards the leader with such anger and fervor that the leader didn’t expect it. He was dead before he could even get a word out. Christopher looked back at his friend and then went outside. It was getting late…or early…and he needed to get out of the sun.

“It isn’t fair…now I finally got what I wanted and now my only friend died…” he said to himself crying. Maybe I should just stay till the sun comes…end it all to day. Then he remembered the last words of his friend.

“Get out of here Chris! Live!”

He would honor his friends’ last wish, to live. He ran home quicker than he had ever ran before. Because the next night he would live! He would live like he had never lived before! And he would do this till eternity! He had a purpose now and for the first time in a long long time he felt genuinely happy.

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    I really enjoyed reading your stories!
    Keep writing, then I will keep reading 🙂



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