So, after my last story in November I didn’t really post at all anymore…that seems to be a theme….

To make it even worse, I wrote another story which I didn’t post. I will not…my plan is to publish the stories in a book and put the extra one as a bonus. So I have been looking into doing this and it’s quite possible to do it, even if it’s only for me or some of my friends. However, I’m not here to really talk about promoting a book, that would pretend I’m a writer.

Although I guess I am sort of a writer.

I guess when you write stuff, either fiction, blog or fact you are a writer…so I guess I’m a part-time writer at best. Very…very…very part time.

Mostly I’m just watching Doctor Who and claiming I’m doing it to get inspiration. Recently I’ve been watching (well…I should say We, I live with another human being in a house now…yes, it’s possible! Don’t know how she does it…) “How to get away with murder” and boy do I feel awkward googling that phrase when looking up actors and information about this show…by deity of choice I hope that no one dies around me in a suspicious manner…I’ll be fuuuucccckkkeedddd…..

As November still is quite a bit off I at least don’t have to worry about writing stuff till then…because I can only write in November naturally. No, actually I’ll be busy getting an operation. A gastric bypass.

As you probably know I am quite a heavy guy. And with quite I mean like: totally and no diet or exercise has been a success for me. Either because I just lack the willpower or discipline or just some weird trick that my body doesn’t want to lose weight.

It’s totally the lack of willpower and discipline if you might be wondering.

However, I have been going to through this procedure for the last year and a half and I finally got the okay to get the operation done so I thought it might be informative to blog about it. So, with that being said:

Part 1: Why o why am I doing this to myself?

I’ve been struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember. According to some documents when I was at a boarding school I started to gain more weight when I hit puberty but I feel like I was already bigger when I was younger…although the school pics don’t really show.

My struggle isn’t that out of the ordinary…actually it’s quite dull, it’s like every fat man/woman on tv that is going through this.


How I wish I had a unique story to tell about how I have a love/hate relationship with food and that it’s an addiction and that I can’t help myself. Which all is true…mostly. If I had the willpower and discipline I could have helped myself but as people can attest…those are not my two strongest assets. I wear glasses so my perception is not well but I have strength and intelligence so I guess I will be a fighter-mage.

What was I talking about again?

I had much success at first with a diet called Cambridge. I jokingly called it every other British city I could think of when my dad was using it but then wanted to do it myself and for a while, it really worked.

However, it was super expensive and I got bored by it. It seemed to be perfect. I didn’t have to think about what I wanted to eat, I would lose weight and for a while, it worked well, I lost about 40 KG with that.

But the choices were limited and the price of the products was not helping either so I started to cheat…on myself…I dreaded going to the counselor because I had failed again. In the end, I just went there to say that just couldn’t do it anymore and that was the end of it. I had gained almost as much as I lost…I was back to square one.

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