It wasn’t totally for nothing though, for the first time a diet had actually been successful…for a while. It gave me a new perspective on things.

Oh, it’s probably not good writing if I just start a new blog as though it is a direct continuation of the other one. My apologies ;). Here is part 2 of my Gastric Bypass blog.

We are now almost two weeks closer to the operation. Of course, I still don’t know when it will exactly be, so far I only know it is in about 10 to 12 weeks. For the first time, I actually am starting to feel anxious. Actually, I felt anxious on the day I had to see the surgeon because they showed statistics and stuff like that. The chance that I might die because of the operations are pretty low but still, they are there. The chance for complications is also pretty low but still, they are there.

Everybody seems to know somebody that either had a good or a bad operation and lost many or lost nothing at all. There is almost no in between the two. They also made me realize that there might be people out there who will think that this is the easy way. That it doesn’t take any effort to lose weight after getting the operation done. While I am not sure if that is true (I haven’t been through it yet) the idea alone that people actually might think that annoys me so much. I just hope that I don’t have to interact with this kind of people.

Either way, back to chronological storytelling shall we?!

It wasn’t totally for nothing this Cambridge diet because aside from doing that I also tried to get fitter. First I took an extra job as a newspaper boy, this was really mostly for the fitness exercise….and as I was always up early anyway it seemed like a good idea….also the extra money was nice….but mostly it was for the exercise.

I also ended up with the brilliant idea that I wanted to do the Singelloop. A 5 KM run through the city I lived in with people watching.

I wrote about it before which you can check here: so I won’t repeat what I said there.

I have one regret and that is that I never did that again. As I was gaining weight again because I wasn’t following the diet and I stopped exercising because I had reached my goal I got to the point where it would be dangerous for my body to do it. Which is a lame excuse to have: “I can’t go sport because it’s too unhealthy for my body,”

How did I let this happen? Why can’t I keep this weight down? Crippling self-doubt and feeling ashamed crept up before I even realized it. I feel like I had let people down. People were saying how good I looked in that picture from the run and I knew that was true but I didn’t know how I could turn this around.

Mind you, this was in 2013-2014…so why only this Gastric Bypass now?

Well…that might be the subject of another blog later.


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