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Posted: 6th September 2017 by Maestro in Files, Personal

Well, what a coincidence, 30,5 is about the total weight in kg I lost since I started this whole process (when writing this post and not have stood on the scales since last Saturday) and about 5 since the surgery.

Yes, not constantly checking my weight now is a new temptation I want to avoid. Then again I guess it’s a good one to have instead of the temptation of food. I haven’t felt hungry ever since the surgeryand aside from a few missteps with my food intake speed (in other words: I eat too fucking fast…), it all seems to go…quite well.

I’m surprised.

I shouldn’t be…but I am. On the 24th I finally felt I was getting nervous. On the 25th I mostly felt impatient…until I was laying just in front of the surgery room. There I was thinking, what am I doing here? This is crazy! I want to go!

Obviously, I didn’t.

Mostly because I was wearing ridiculous surgical pants and a blue shirt which was open on the back…which I thought was weird because they needed to operate in front…

Oh, and I had worked so hard to finally get at this point that the idea of running away in surgical pants seemed ridiculous to me. Although I might use it for a script for a bad scene in a sitcom I probably said somewhere I would write.

So yeah, here I am, after the operation…not feeling too much different actually. People were always saying, this is the start of a new life…I only noticed that I am more busy with food now…I don’t know if that’s healthy or not. The reason I’m more busy with food is that I have to now actually consciously decide that I need to eat…because my body doesn’t say so…that kind of worries me sometimes but luckily in this age of smartphones and apps….there is an APP for that to remind you to do stuff. Of course, me spending time at home it’s easy, I wonder how it will be when I get back to work.

Till then I mostly watch Dexter…and Friends…which seem to be two shows so far apart from each other it’s a miracle I don’t get a whole new disorder after these weeks home…



  1. Kelly says:

    Hey Erik,

    As a spokesperson for us, the people, we demand updates!
    Goodluck with everything 🙂


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