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Posted: 1st December 2017 by Maestro in Files, Personal

I’ll be honest, I do not really want this blog to be about my weight or health stuff in general although I have been writing exclusively about that lately but I guess that’s a natural consequence coming from having this kind of surgery so for now this will be my last post about it so that afterwards I can hopefully start writing about stuff that I find enjoyable to talk about.


Because even now I’m still not very comfortable talking about it even though I feel better than I ever felt in my life. I’m absolutely feel so much improvement in almost all areas of my life. I even started running again 7 weeks ago and in a week I should be able to run 5K and I’m looking forward to that.

Even more then in 2013 when I did run 5K I feel more energetic and running feels a lot easier. Okay, in comparison I do have good running shoes this time and am better prepared. Most importantly, I am lighter now and I have about 11 months before I have to be able to run 5K in this singelloop and will be even lighter still. So I have 11 months to get faster and run longer. It gives me ease of mind.

I’ve almost lost 50 KG in total, I lost already more then 20 KG since the operation, which if my calculations are correct I lost almost 30 before the operation…which…now I think about it is something I should be more proud of. But then I start to think about Modifast again and then I want to throw up my lunch so let’s not do that.

What I cannot express enough though is that having had this surgery is the best decision I probably ever made in my life. That, or buying Christmas hats for 1 euro at Blokker, that was also a good day.

However, I still do not feel comfortable talking about it most of the time. Sometimes I feel I get credit where it’s not due. Yes sure, I’m losing the weight but is it really that is doing that or is it that I purposefully blocked my body from eating as much as I would in the past?

Those are things I sometimes wonder about. See, the running I can be proud of, if I need to feel pride. That is something I choose to do and which I kept up with for 7 weeks now, I’m looking forward to go out and run even though it is freezing outside.

Who would have thought of that…? (well, realistically not that many people I would guess).

Meanwhile, I’m working on my new book and also studying for my driver’s license…and somewhere I need to find time to have a social life, work, play games, read books, act and sing and also…sleep?

Well, at least I’m getting places faster now so that should help.

So, unless I reach a major milestone I’m going to start writing about other stuff, maybe some stuff about writing as I’m doing that now quite actively. I think I should change the tag line of my website because talking about games and movies is fun but is not the main thing I do anymore. We’ll see…if history tells you anything I will probably not write for another three months before the next post…but maybe I can improve in that area as well.


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