File 00030.7: Milestones, kilometers and parsecs

Posted: 8th December 2017 by Maestro in Files

So, short update about the weight thing, I reached my first goal of losing 50KG this week! That is pretty sweet.

And I walked my first 5K since basically the last time I did that way back in 2013. (you know, when bicycles were still made of wood and the whole of Gaul was occupied by the Romans (not whole of Gaul, a small village kept resisting….what was I talking about again?)

Oh right! Star Wars!

So, as you may know…I’m a bit of a nerd or a geek, I’m not sure as what I classify…apparently my appearance alone can make people guess correctly that I’m into nerdy and/or geeky things. Okay…my hoodie with the text: No, I will not fix your computer might also help with that assessment or my assortment of other “funny” shirts. I use air quotes as humor is subjective of course. I mean, I still find this whole Asterix the Gaul bit really funny no matter how often I use it in my daily life.

So, naturally Star Wars is something I really enjoy…a lot. I have listened the audio book versions of most of the movies and several EU stories multiple times, I have played many SW related games. So yes, it is a big influence.

When I started my new story I was first thinking of doing a Fantasy story and although I still like the story idea that I came up with…it’s not something I want to write now. No, what I really wanted was to write Star Wars stories…or fan fiction if you so will.

Buuuuutttttttt…that would feel like a waste of time. (like blogging about it or playing videogames or watching youtube every goddamn day isn’t wasting time, I hear you think). So, what then if not writing Star Wars fanfiction?

I sadly can’t write about Jedi, or light sabers but I would think space ships are fair game so that’s what I do at the moment.

When I get further into the story I might share some more details but for now everything has yet to be determined, even the main characters name is still just a temporary fill in but story wise it’s progressing quite nicely.

I sometimes wonder how real writers do this. Do they just start to write or do they make a plan first? I have tried both ways…second one doesn’t seem to go to well for me…I just get excited to get to the part I thought of and find the rest boring. I had this with my story “Shifters”. Where I just wanted to get to the exciting part.

Anyway, I bored you enough with words for now,


This sign off is hardly hyst,





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