Or universe in this case. Well, technically the universe is the one we are in right now, so I’m not creating “The universe” but I guess in this case it would be “the story universe”. What the f am I rambling about?

So, one common thing I ran into when trying to write stories is universe building. A place where the characters can move about and do stuff. When writing the stories for what eventually became “It was purple but darker” I decided to do this as little as possible and have it either taking place in a setting everyone is familiar with or just let the fantasy of the reader take care of the rest. I sometimes wonder what the five people who bought the book without previous knowledge of the stories think Pip looks like, or Hatius the Powerful.

There is a lot to gain by not going into minute detail about every single thing. Do you need to describe a character precisely, or can you just say: He has brown hair and wears a black vest, white shirt and blue trousers? Would you see Han Solo or your best friend or colleague from work who happens to have brown hair and wears blue trousers?

I’m working on adapting a screenplay of something into a play and I noticed that one of the examples of another adaptation has these expository monologues and if there is one thing that really gets to drop my suspension of disbelief is expository dialogue. It’s basically the protagonist of the story announcing directly to the camera: Hello, I’m the protagonist, I will go through a hero’s journey and defeat X, the antagonist, who also used to be my best friend and also a star chef in a restaurant before he went evil, in a climactic but heartbreaking battle but first I need to go do all other stuff that is only tangentially related to the plot  and introduce you to the side characters in obvious detail so you know exactly who is going to sacrifice themselves.

And sure…that has it’s place in some forms of story telling…but it’s not the way how I enjoy stories.

So I’m trying to find a balance in not going into overly detail about the world, characters or spaceship designs and let the readers fantasy do the rest, I’m not like Andy Weir where he has in mind that Neil Degrasse Tyson might one day on twitter will correct him on everything he wrote wrong in The Martian. I’m just trying to write a fun story, a story I would like to read.

And hopefully you will read one day too.


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