File 00030.9: Sleep, what is it good for?

Posted: 2nd January 2018 by Maestro in Files

I guess I figured out why writers were often described has being loners in an attic on a typewriter. A) They didn’t have computers back then and 2) You often hear about writers going away to a hotel room to finish their books in record time. Mostly A) though.

I’d say this because I find it hard to focus sometimes on just writing, basically everything is a distraction and that is good. I’m happy I have a social life, hobbies and other things to focus on and that I’m not a loner in an attic with a typewriter.

Although typewriters are awesome and I want one.

Sorry…I got distracted.

Maybe I’m just jealous of writers who already have a steady income from their writing so they can afford to lock themselves up in a hotel/bungalow and write for three months straight.

But only for a small part I’m jealous. Because I’m way too interested to know what’s happening around me to cut myself off from the world. Hell, I hardly can log myself off of  youtube/twitter/facebook/instagram let alone the world.

Besides, I really am getting good at Assassin’s Creed Origins and Rocket league and I need to finish those! Besides, I really want to play through KoTOR for once…but the program keeps crashing and we just finished the first season of True Blood and it’s awesome and I’m working on this script for the new play I’m in and I’m doing exercises, running, I have to play with pets, walk the dog, cook, clean and I have to finish “Thrawn” by Timothy Zahn and a bajilion other books (except maybe The Secret World).

One might think that I’m putting too much pressure on myself or that I need to stop trying to do everything at once.

One might be right be about that but needs to get the fuck out of my business too whoever he or she is. 😉

Being self aware about it though is not really helping though. I know what I have to do

So yes, I think ultimately I need to give something up…maybe sleep…who needs that anyway.


This sign off is far from diastereom,




PS: Wondering whether the title of this blog will cause the spam bots to send me links to either sleeping pills or caffeine pills. Or maybe both….hmmm

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