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Posted: 30th January 2018 by Maestro in Files

So instead of working on my own story I have been working on a script for the new play I’m in. It was an interesting experience…not necessarily as fun as I thought it would be but interesting.

So it was not a new script, it was a translation/rework of a script from a movie and I had to make it into a play.

So, here’s what I found out…movies and plays are quite different, script wise. You would think that would be obvious and yeah it kind of was but I what I didn’t realize is how much a movie can lean on deciding when to show something. Let me explain:

In the movie it is shown that someone takes stuff from a certain place but we the audience are not allowed to see who that person is.

On stage, that is going to be a problem, there is just no nice clean way to hide who is doing what on a stage. There is no camera angle to work with or an easy way to hide part of a stage. Sure, if you throw enough money at it you could probably make it happen but this not a professional production.

I think I came up with quite a clever way to go around this problem, and a similar other problem but it was a challenge.

The other problem I encountered was more something I did to myself then necessarily being a fault of the art of script writing and that is that I wanted to make as clear as possible to the people who have to learn these lines who is saying what and what they are supposed to do, while also not leaving too many directorial notes. That is for the director and actors to decide how to do this, not for me. However, some things need to be done because otherwise the mystery won’t work.

Which taught me that I would be a horrible mystery writer. I already knew this of course, I have tried to write a mystery but I just got tangled up on how to make it not too simple or not too convoluted. I was lucky with this script that I only needed to adjust some of the plot to make it fit for the amount of characters I have to deal with and other such restrictions. In the original script there were six murders, I brought it down to a more manageable level and give everybody more “screen time”.

As I said, it was an interesting experience but for my own sanity I would try to give myself more time the next time I’m going to attempt something like this. It’s not good for your social life

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