File 00031.1: Excuses, excuses

Posted: 10th April 2018 by Maestro in Files

Almost three months already?! What the heck?! Where did the time go? Okay, I do know where the time went. Sometimes life will just go a different direction than you are expecting. That is fine…but still…it’s annoying when you just want to write and keep a blog up to date. Also if you have other plans you don’t want to share yet because that will only raise expectations. (and these are already so low so what can go wrong?)

So, I have been quite busy with other stuff like…work…and social life and I haven’t actually written that much lately so yeah…not much for a writing update.

So then, my dear reader, what is the point of the update? Just so I can say I updated my blog?


Yes…yes, that is exactly what this is.


Okay to be fair to myself, I have been going over what I have already written and what I noticed that somehow I manage to misspell words that I thought I was unable to misspell. Or…that I use words that don’t make any sense in…well any context.

Usually though that is how I try to write (without checking spelling and grammar, not writing words that don’t make sense in any context you wise ass reader you!)

Not sure if it is the best method of writing but what I try to do is getting into a flow and just write, correcting my writing will come later….preferably by someone else. My biggest issue is my English writing skills. Even though I like writing and speaking in English there are still some(read: many) Dutchisms in my “work”, apparently also the other way around, my good friend and fellow actor told me when he was going over this script I wrote about ALMOST THREE MONTHS AGO!

So basically, I’m the opposite of fluent in both languages. So…that’s a thing. I started writing this post while I was on a plane where it just so happens I forgot the Dutch word for orange juice. Not that the server would not understand if I said orange juice but it feels pretentious to pretend not to speak Dutch when I should be able to do that. So I asked for Jus d’Orange….because I’m an idiot.

But I digress. I’m finishing this post back in good old The Netherlands, where the people complain, are direct, and think Jus d’Orange is the Dutch name for Orange Juice (according to Quora).

At least I am aware when I say something stupid like that.


I am many things but not a cl,



  1. Leo M. Panther says:

    Yeah, you can have your ‘sinaasappelsap’ and drink it too. I hope you can find someone to proofread your stories going forward.

  2. Kelly says:

    I volunteer as tribute!

    Good to read something again, keep writing 🙂


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