So March has been kind of a memorable month for me. I knew that already of course…I lived through it after all but now Facebook also decided to remind me. It’s kind of a weird month for Facebook to implement this feature seeing March is also pretty memorable for them I would say….but I digress…

In March, I went flying for the first time and also for the second time. I went to Mexico and to the USA, I had my birthday and one year anniversary of living together with my girlfriend and also I played Peter in a play about the last days of Jesus Christ. You know,  the guy who denies that he knows Jesus three times. That’s a bit kicking in your own door I’d think. (get it…Saint Peter….door…okay…I’ll go stand in a corner now…)

Flying was…not as eventful as I thought it would be. Okay, taking off is kind of scary and fun at the same time and the landing is similar but after and before that it’s an 10 hour bus trip with for me the added advantage I can read without getting a splitting headache. Also the inflight entertainment was quite good. So TUI, if you want to sponsor this website: You do a great job! #sadlynotsponsored

The flight back was less fun but that had nothing to do with TUI (seriously, #notsponsored L) but with the fact I was tired, the time difference was annoying and I couldn’t sleep, but luckily the inflight entertainment had been updated since the week before so I had movies to watch!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. We went to Mexico. I’ll be honest, I never really cared much for holidays. I am perfectly happy spending free days in my country and just doing the stuff I like (apparently lately that has been following the #changethechannel movement but anyway). I’m not opposed to going away from home but I also don’t have this irresistible pull of having to go away.

In short:

Mexico is awesome (yes, I was in awe! I am using it correctly Neil Degrasse Tyson!). I loved it there and I have only been in such a small part and the people where nice and I saw beautiful things….and it was just too short, there is so much more to see there so I would definitely want to go back there one day. It changed my perspective on going on holiday so if anything there is that. The only thing I don’t really like is feeling so much like a tourist but I guess that cannot be helped as you guessed it…I was a tourist.

After coming back and because of my keen eye for planning I was totally recovered from the incredible jetlag before I was back on Schiphol again to fly to the USA for work. This was a totally different kind of flying as this was business class…which is a world totally on its own. The USA was cool and it was a great experience but weirdly enough I think of most fondly was my trip towards the USA and being treated like what for me felt like royalty (I’m sure for people who do this regularly that feeling will wear off quickly). I don’t think I ever felt more out of place than being in a business class seat. I felt even more of a tourist than when I was in Mexico…like I totally didn’t belong there. The flying was still the same but the way the staff treats you and the food you get…it’s really…something to be experienced.

I wonder how the staff that has to serve first and business class feel about it…I’m not sure if I want to find out.

I cannot adequately express what a strange month March has been for me (someone stole my dictionary! I have no words!), even now I’m still not sure how to process it all. Compared to Mexico and the US, my birthday was totally uneventful and boring. Which was okay, after these travels I kind of needed boring. I will just keep telling myself I am incredibly lucky that I am able to go on holiday in Mexico and that I was given the opportunity to go the US.

That I hadn’t expected back in January.

Anyway, enough dilly-dallying. I need to get back to writing and oh yes, this social life and work and stuff.


I hope you find these blog posts mesm-















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