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Posted: 5th January 2019 by Maestro in Files

I don’t like making new years resolutions. I don’t see the reason to have a set point in time to be the start of something new. Also, a change in a year doesn’t reset all the stuff from last year. It’s not like a new book with 365 new pages that you have to fill.

It’s more like the sequel where all the stuff in the previous parts have to be accounted for or otherwise you get cases where the writer forgots that Colin Creevey did bring a functional camera to Hogwarts and later they say that Muggly technology doesn’t work at Hogwarts (just an random example that hasn’t bothered me for years or something…but I digress).

Once I read somewhere (probably on the internet so you know it’s true 😉 ) that when you announce your goals/resolutions you are less likely to do them as somewhere your mind tricks you into thinking you already have done them because you have announced them. I believe there is a certain truth about this so that’s why I am careful when announcing stuff I want to do.

A second reason is that being constanly badgered about the progress of so and so is frustrating. If you announce you are trying to get your driver’s license people are asking how it goes (well clearly not that well otherwise you would have known it), if you are telling you are writing a novel people are constantly asking about that (using a Stewie impression if you are certain person (you know who you are! )).

And supposedly that is fine but being constantly reminded that you do not put in the work that you ought to do is…embarassing. And you have only yourself to blame.

I suppose this could be used as a motivation, as in to be held accountable if you don’t go to the gym three times a week like you said you would, but in most cases for me it’s quite the opposite. I don’t perform better when I’m humilated, even if it’s only in my own mind. I do not thrive on being shamed and then improve to prove “them” wrong. I do the stuff I do for myself, not to prove that I can do it or to impress someone.

Of course, I’m no expert in these matters and so everything I wrote above should be taken with a grain of salt (except the Colin Creevey part). I am just saying that for me, announcing my goals to the world always seem to have back fired and if I kept something to myself, even if only for a short period (because somehow people keep an excellent track of when I started and stopped smoking for some reason…) it works better for me, not always but in some cases.

So, let me end this with wishing you a happy new year and hopefully to more blog posts then last year! (but whether that is a goal I set or not…well, who knows…)

(I know…naturally…duh…)

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  1. Kelly says:

    Happy new year 😀

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