File 00031.6: Driving me crazy

Posted: 28th January 2019 by Maestro in Files

I understand that getting a driver’s license will cost you a load of money and I’m perfectly willing to pay money for lessons, exams etc. However, I must congratulate the CBR (that’s the Dutch organization that responsible for the driving license stuff) about a new way to scam money out of people.

And it really is…I mean yes, I understand you want to be sure that the people who are doing the driver’s exam are capable of you know, driving a car. But that’s what the lessons and the exams are for! Or do you think I’m doing those because I like being screamed at? (that’s a joke, my instructor is an awesomely nice guy).

But nooooooo, they invented a new way to get more money from people! Because if you have any indication that you are not a human being who is 100 % perfect you must do a medical exam, which you must pay for by yourself.

Which is fine, but can I at least have a medical exam that is more than having a 10-minute talk with a guy who just finished the Dutch equivalent of High school and who knows that Autism Spectrum Disorder is a disorder and not a disease.

Because that is exactly what I got. A 10-minute talk with a guy who barely was able to grow a beard and who thought my ASD is a disease. At least, that’s how he was talking about it. I suppose the rest of the interview was perfectly reasonable…do I smoke, do I drink do I do drugs, where do I work, what’s distance to the moon, who killed Willem of Orange, you know…the normal kind of questions.

But how can you decide in those 10 minutes whether I’m capable of driving a car?

The two minutes with the psychiatrist also seem a bit short for her to assess my capabilities. Especially because it’s my words versus…no one else’s. I could have made up the whole thing. (not that I did, dear CBR people).

Seriously, CBR, if you want an extra 250 euros, increase the prices of your exams…I pay happily for them without wasting my time talking to an intern on my free Saturday. Let the freaking exam speak for itself whether I’m capable of driving and not a diagnosis I got when I was 14.

And I’m not blaming the guy, or the psychiatrist or the receptionist…they are just doing their job…but I do blame the CBR who put this system into place where the only thing they is making themselves richer and for what?

Kind of hyst,


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