Time for an old fashioned review. This time about the two downloadable content packs for Assassin’s Creed 2. For my original review of Assassin’s Creed 2, go HERE

So, when I finally had the chance to buy myself these two DLC packs I guess you could call them I happily did so. The order you have to play them in to chronologically make sense is in the title. Although, they did put in some good reminders for if you didn’t play this game for a while or played the Bonfire of the Vanities first.

<MINOR SPOILER>Both DLC’s tell the story of the corrupted sequences in the original game and Rebecca(the hot chick/nerd)  was able to fix them. It tells the story of Ezio between the point he finds the plotdevice and the finale of the story. It’s nice and all but it also adds nothing to the game. Of course it couldn’t do that otherwise it would raise questions for the finale for people who didn’t buy these DLC’s. So, every character, ability or other things that are introduced are pretty much…useless.

Let’s talk about them seperately. The Battle of Forlí(BoF) goes back to my least favorite area of the game(Forlí if you hadn’t guessed it) and tells the story of how two brothers try to take over the city, earlier mentioned plotdevice and a map. Of course, Ezio has to save the day and it’s fun. But that’s because the game was already fun on it’s own. I also believe it unlocks a special memory where you can fly with Da Vinci’s flying machine over Forlí. Which is fun. It is very short though in my opinion. I’m pretty much an average gamer(although I did have some practice with this game of course) and I had it finished within two hours. Which for 10 euro is quite short especially if it felt so short story wise.

The Bonfire of the Vanities(BotV) is better in that area and follows Ezio going back to Firenze where the guy who stole the plotdevice in BoF from Ezio went to use it to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

Ehm, I mean Firenze of course. It definitely is longer than BoF but that only is because they put in an artificial layer of you having to kill 9 targets to finally beat the bad guy with a quick time event. The characters who you have to kill don’t even have names! They are going by their title or profession. Here you also learn how to use a springboard which just happen to hang around just in that new area of  the city(of course no where else)

As much as I like AC2 and even though while I enjoyed both DLC…it is just not worth the money. Which is a shame.

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