File 00027.2: Walking without a Wonderland

Posted: 22nd June 2014 by Maestro in Files, Personal

I feel empty…


Seven days of having a second home in a theatre is exhausting but also one of the best experiences I have ever had. Being part of something that is so amazingly fun is awesome as awesome was meant to be.

Knowing that it’s over now breaks my heart as if I just lost a part of me. The infamous black hole after something is finished for which you have been working so hard.

This will take a while to fix. A. in Wonderland was not just acting, it was personal. Maybe that’s a bad thing…as far as acting goes but it’s really an experience that will probably never happen again. Last year when it ended was bad but back then we knew with much certainty we would do it again. This won’t happen now…it’s done. The play won’t be performed again, the Wonderland is closed off and all there is are memories. (well and a DVD and pictures…but that’s besides the point)

Memories of the fun times, the hard times, the laughing and the crying…at this moment I don’t know what to do…focus on my other projects, writing a play, finish let’s plays, acting in another play…which will the most important one for now.

And continue with singing maybe?

  1. Kelly says:

    Dude, sympathyhug*, be proud and enjoy the rest, there is alot to enjoy 🙂

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