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Posted: 5th January 2015 by Maestro in Files

So last year I apparently “wrote” only four blog posts. That’s bad, really bad. So, that’s gonna change. I hope. Here’s an update about my new year things…promises…challenges…resolutions? Thingamabobs…Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And don’t blink. Good Luck.

See, the thing is…I often have these ideas that are really cool (no really, they are!) but then I never commit myself fully. I don’t know why this is…well I kinda no why, it’s laziness mostly…or the feeling I have something better to do. Which is bullshit anyway…because I don’t.

There are some exceptions of course. I care deeply about acting so that’s where I put much of my energy. Now I’ll have my first singing role in less then a month so I care about that too now. I’m also scared…very very scared.

But at first I was afraid…I was petrified…

Eh…never mind. I should go back into Let’s Play’s. Finish the games I started…sadly this means playing those games from the start again because of a computer crash. Which suuuuuuccccckkkkssss.

Ah well. I am going to do it, I also committed myself to this reading challenge, just so I start doing this again as reading used to be something I did a lot more and I should be picking up again too.

I also am going to try to exercize more frequently. For this I am going to steal an idea from a friend of mine who has a health blog, really interesting for you Dutch reading people:, and have a 30 day exercise challenge and to commit myself I’m going to try and vlog about it…I might not upload these every day but at least I’m going to point a camera at my face every day for a month (unless unseen circumstances prevent me from doing so).

Here a TLDR update if you don’t want to read my rambles:

– The play I’m in next month
– Let’s plays will continue (Jedi Academy, Vampire: The Masquerade, Turtles and Indy, the Fate of Atlantis. I’m also looking into some other games like Costume Quest 1 & 2 because that will be good for voice acting practice or as I like to call it: “Eh, Guess ze accent I’m tryin’ to do! Laddy!”
– Reading challenge
– Updating this blog more regularly. Especially during exercise challenge month.

See for more info about the reading challenge below (original post stolen from 9gag)


  1. Mistoffelees says:

    It won’t let me like it but consider your post liked!

  2. Leo M Panther says:

    Go for it brother. I believe in you. I know you can do it.

  3. Kelly says:

    Have a good year!

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