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Posted: 28th December 2015 by Maestro in Files, Personal, The Site


Ugh…it’s dusty around here…as if someone didn’t use this for almost a year.

*blows away the dust*

Oh look! A blog.

So yeah…here I am…I have actually been pretty active online. But not on my own website. I really haven’t felt like writing much this year. Of course I have my monthly column/editorial for my dad’s radio show and I’m working on the editing the new play for my theater group but that’s different. Just writing for myself…to create something…no not really. I probably should do that more often. Just force myself to write, even if it’s only 500 words a day…or a week…I don’t know yet…I don’t want to force myself too much because then I won’t do it anyway. I also realize I shouldn’t announce my plans anyway otherwise I convince my brain I did a good job and not doing it anyway.

Brains are weird like that.

At the moment though I probably am only able to write Star Wars fanfiction and that…would be a real waste of my time…a fun waste probably. Besides with the new movie being out I wouldn’t be able to write about the in between time between RotJ and TFA. I could probably write Old Republic stuff…I might just do that…I have an idea in mind.

Anyway, I might just resurrect my old Shifters story I wrote for NaNoWriMo a couple of years back. I really liked the idea and I am sure I could improve on it…but mostly I am focused on acting and singing. As I often proclaimed I need more hours in the day. With 235 games in my steam library alone and so many other things I could do I really am lucky to have an overabundance of choice to fill my spare time with…probably too much choice.

Anyway, with the new year coming on soon I probably should reflect on my last year a bit and see what I want to accomplish next year. Two things are for certain. I want to write more on this site…as I do pay for this and actually writing helps me in a lot of ways (one of those ways is to help me type faster and more accurate 😉 ) and secondly I want to do more let’s plays. I have lots of them to finish so I should make the time for that as well.

Of course the new play is coming up and who knows what other opportunities will come as well. And somethings in my private life that needs attention and focus as well.

Anyway, I will keep on dusting off this place and maybe before the end of the year I’ll have a list or something…you know how much I like lists. I probably could make a list of why I like lists so much.


  1. Kelly says:

    Ah lists 🙂 I take it Mart Smeets is on one? 😛
    Yeah looking forward to your stories! How’s that novel coming on? Got a compellng protagonist? Got an obstacle for him to overcome? etc. haha 😛 Haha always cracks me up 😀

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