Here’s the thing

The Thing, here is it.

No, that will never get old.

This is the third attempt at writing a new blog post. Oh no, not as in, third attempt today, no as a third attempt in the last couple of months. I start writing and then half way I get bored with it.

I find myself so incredibly boring I get bored writing about stuff I like. How pathetic is that?

That was a rhetorical question.

So, attempt # 3 it is. Slight spoiler alert for The Force Awakens.

– Willful denial

I absolutely loved Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I loved how it looked, the jokes, the serious stuff, the lightsaber action, the acting. I cannot wait till episode 8.

Having said that…

I wish they would not have chosen to throw everything that was already written in the expanded universe out of the window. I understand it was easier for the makers of the new movie but it’s almost thirty years of written work they threw out. Some of it bad…and some of it freaking brilliant.

I absolutely love Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy and the audio books done by Marc Thompson are brilliant as well, I listen to them over and over again.

And all of that…not valid anymore.

Yet, in my mind it still counts, sure some of the stuff inside these books don’t make sense now. The biggest one is Leia and Han having three kids in stead of one and some other details…okay…not details exactly…

“But Erik, why does it matter whether that is canon or not?” I hear you ask.

Which is strange as this is a written blog…

I guess it doesn’t really matter…yet it does. Because till last year it was real. And now someone decided, no it didn’t happen. It’s like writing a Harry/Hermione story and then Rowling shitting all over it with Halfblood prince.

I was rolling my eyes when someone on the SW: TOR (that’s Star Wars The Old Republic) forum was insisting on calling Revan a she(while Bioware, creator of the character made him a he in canon) and now I find myself on the same side as that person.

I’m so ashamed of myself!

But still smiling like an idiot.

Anyway, april 5th the blu-ray comes out! Cannot wait!

and I cannot hide it.

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