File 00031.1: Excuses, excuses

Posted: 10th April 2018 by Maestro in Files

Almost three months already?! What the heck?! Where did the time go? Okay, I do know where the time went. Sometimes life will just go a different direction than you are expecting. That is fine…but still…it’s annoying when you just want to write and keep a blog up to date. Also if you have other plans you don’t want to share yet because that will only raise expectations. (and these are already so low so what can go wrong?)

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File 00031.0: Well, that was not in the script

Posted: 30th January 2018 by Maestro in Files

So instead of working on my own story I have been working on a script for the new play I’m in. It was an interesting experience…not necessarily as fun as I thought it would be but interesting.

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File 00030.9: Sleep, what is it good for?

Posted: 2nd January 2018 by Maestro in Files

I guess I figured out why writers were often described has being loners in an attic on a typewriter. A) They didn’t have computers back then and 2) You often hear about writers going away to a hotel room to finish their books in record time. Mostly A) though.

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Or universe in this case. Well, technically the universe is the one we are in right now, so I’m not creating “The universe” but I guess in this case it would be “the story universe”. What the f am I rambling about?

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File 00030.7: Milestones, kilometers and parsecs

Posted: 8th December 2017 by Maestro in Files

So, short update about the weight thing, I reached my first goal of losing 50KG this week! That is pretty sweet.

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