File 00031.3: My letter to dear Hank and John

Posted: 1st May 2018 by Maestro in Files

As with most things I like it requires a long explanation for very little pay off for the reader. Anyway, John and Hank Green are two brothers who have a podcast called “Dear Hank and John” where they give dubious advice to letters send in. This is my letter to them. As I said, very little pay off

Dear Hank and John,

I’d like to wear shirts with nerdy stuff on them. Also preferably black (as some of my friends like to point out noticed). Mostly it consists of star wars stuff, Doctor who stuff or some quote related to computer stuff or sarcasm.

Because apparently I’m rather sarcastic in my daily life.

Which is all fine and dandy but now there is some other guy at my job who wears funny shirts. And they are legitimately funny. I don’t know who he is or in what department he works  but I see him quite regularly at the coffee machine. He comments on my shirt, I comment on his shirt, we laugh and laugh and then go back to work.

But now I feel I need to get even funnier shirts to best him in having the funniest shirt at work.

What once was fun is now a shirt off! What do I do? Your dubious advice is appreciated!

My shirts are very esot,


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