So, I’m a big guy, still am, even though I lost 65 kilograms in the past year. No, this is not humblebragging. Just stating a fact, or maybe it is humblebragging…who will ever know…but I digress

So, yeah…I’m not on my ideal weight yet but that was not the point. Because even if I would be I would still be a big guy. Which is fine, I’m okay with that. However I have noticed this annoying habit that people have when they see me running.

They always seem to yell: “Stop the thief!” which is like super annoying and so distracting!

No, not really. (do I really have to clarify this?). No, what I noticed is this, as you probably have guessed from the title, is they try to encourage you but in this very condescending way. As if it’s so very special that a fat guy is being active and running.

I was in Mexico a couple months back and decided to go for a run along the beach. So I was running back and forth on the beach in front of our hotel for at least twenty five minutes when this American woman was walking past with her dog and she said: Good job! I smiled and said thanks (while still running).

After some more running my training finished and I walked back to the hotel and then when walking past her she said: “Well, you have to start somewhere,”

She could not have seen me running for five minutes but just to assume I only ran from the moment she saw me is quite condescending.

Of course that is my interpretation of events. Most likely she didn’t mean anything with it and maybe just any encouragement sounds condescending to me. I was running a 5k not too long ago in a city nearby and there I had the same feeling. Especially because some of the watchers were people I know.

That’s why I always prefer to walk early morning or late evening so less people can see me running. First it was because I was afraid of being laughed at (which genuinely happened). Now it’s more to avoid people to give me condescending praise by acting how it’s so special the fat guy is running.

I use the same excuse for not going to the gym, although that is more because I hate going to the gym and see myself in mirrors…but that’s a whole different self esteem issue. Or the same…I’m not a psychologist, how would I know?!

I wonder if there is a your momma joke where you can use the word gravisph,



PS: In accordance with new European laws I have added a Privacy Policy and also some stupid notification about cookies to the website. So I’m here to let you know I have updated the Privacy Policy like the almost ten thousand e-mails from websites I apparently signed up for once a long time ago….ugh.

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